5 Simple Steps To Better Macro Photography


Rather than going home empty-handed on a dull day, use the diffused qualities of overcast natural light to illuminate close-up subjects. Macro photography is one photographic genre that benefits from the soft light and low contrast that dull grey weather conditions bring. Employing some simple tried and tested techniques will certainly improve your macro photography no end.

Try these 5 simple pointers and your sure to get great results.

1 Search For Subjects. Spend time looking for the perfect image. The obvious shot might be the entire waterfall, but look that little bit closer – and closer still -and you’ll discover a new world of subjects without the need to wander elsewhere.

2 Don’t use a Tripod. Take your camera off the tripod and explore the shooting opportunities where you’re working. Having found something you like, you can then use the tripod to achieve the composition you have in mind.

3 Polarising Filters. Often there’s no need to add a filter – it can lead to longer exposure times, but working with water, glare and contrast can be a problem, even under overcast skies. Experiment by making exposures with and without filters.

4 Shoot parallel. Make sure that you use adequate depth of field by selecting smaller apertures. Then ensure that you align your camera parallel to your subject, preventing out-of-focus areas in your image.

5 Composition. Try positioning the subject according to the Rule of Thirds. Experiment with both landscape and portrait format images in order to see what works -ultimately, this will be a matter of personal choice.Give them a try and see the results for yourself! Feel free to drop by for more tips tricks and techniques.


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